Key Fetures

  • It has a very user-friendly interface and drag and drop functionality adds up to its features that eliminates the need of remembering the tedious coding syntax which is the case in traditional coding languages which many times makes the children hesitant to practice programming.

  • It also contains characters and backdrops on indian culture , nature and heritage. So user can engage with it in more prominent ways.


  • Sprite – Character or Image that follows set of Instruction
  • Stage - Area where Sprite and background are seen
  • Block - It is easy to understand logic blocks
  • Script – Set of blocks arranged in stack to be executed in sequence. Multiple Scripts can Run Simultaneously.
  • Benefits

    People learn on their best potential by working on projects – and getting new innovative ideas, designing prototypes and finally making best output product by improving on it.

    • When people focus on things they like and are passionate about, they can work longer and create output at their best potential.

    • Peer Interaction will improve skills like team work and working together can get even more better outcome as many minds have acted upon the same idea.